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Discover Debt Solutions with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 is the most recognized form of bankruptcy, and is the fastest and most straightforward type of bankruptcy.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy is known as a liquidation.  However, in over 90% of all Chapter 7 bankruptcies, no assets are liquidated.  This is because an individual is allowed to exempt (protect) many of the assets owned by ordinary individuals.  The term liquidation is used since non-exempt (unprotected) assets are liquidated to partially pay creditors.  Chapter 7 discharges (eliminates) most types of debt.  Among the types of debt Chapter 7 cannot discharge are: debts incurred due to fraud or embezzlement, domestic support obligations (child support, maintenance, etc.), most student loans, and most governmental fines and restitution orders. If you think chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the answer for you, then let Parnell & Associates PC use their 25 years of bankruptcy experience to help you file.

  • Unable to meet your bills as they come due

  • You have been sued, levied or garnished

  • Debts exceed assets

  • Payday loans prevent you from moving forward



Times to consider chapter 7

  •  Credit card debts

  •  Medical bills

  •  Personal loans

  •  Taxes, in some circumstances

Chapter 7 wipes out

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